Vancouver, BC

Mistress Vicious Sixx

Elite Dominatrix



Welcome, you are about to open the gates to my divine  universe. The first & utmost important detail I will bestow upon you, is within this bubble, is a safe, secure, surrounding, so you may submit comfortably in your kinky skin.

My appetite for erotic kink is of boundless proportions, as always in respect to each individuals limits. I live to share my  unique practice with the finest of subs this world has to offer. You must understand the rules & etiquette to even be considered as you are not judged based on your desires but how you ask for them.  So the question remains.... could it be your lucky soul I pray on next ?

I am the true definition of beauty , elegance, enticingly provocative & intoxicatingly sultry. Discretion & professionalism are instrumental in my practice. BUT if you dare speak out of turn & do not listen to my directions, I will pop that bubble quicker then you could say red. As for my lucky pet's, you will experience my ferocious imagination, it will spawn alternate realities for us both where I have cultivated my own unique style of domination. My sessions are exhilarating, intense & specially configured to each of you. No one ever suspects a creature as stunningly delightful & erotically charming as I, could be so ruthless.



Spoil me &  pay piggies.

Request permission to treat me & I will let you in on a few of my favorite things. I just might place a gracious tweet of me with set gift.

Bringing an offering when meeting me excites me, devotion is my ultimate desire.



Statuesque 5'8"

Bust 32 . Waist 24 . Hips 36

Shoe 9 . Gloves 7 . Corset 28

Behave or Else

Respect is above all else.

First time pet's must pay a small deposit in order to reserve our session, no exceptions. This will apply as part of the payment. Cancellations less than 48hrs notice , a fee will apply or banishment.


Please give 24hrs for response time.

Booking time may vary depending on the session.

Address me as Mistress or Queen



Meet & Greet  . This  Applies To My Virgins (If we have never met this applies to you)  . 160

60 Min . 360

90 Min . 400 (Recommended)

2H . 560

3H . 700

Social Time / Public  . 60 Min  . 300

Chastity Key Holding / Weekly . 90  (A contract will be made & signed)


For real fun visit the available cocktail section.

Booking a regular session takes 24/hrs notice.


Hard . Med . Soft
Boot & Shoe
Human Ashtray
Cage & Confinement
Role Play
Pet Play
Key Holding



When you contact me via, email or phone, be polite, clear, & honest.

Before arranging a session for New Pets  who are unclear or unsure of what they want a Meet & Greet  will be arranged, this will allow me to fully envision what I will create for you. 

To earn a position on my good naughty side, present me with a gift, you may ask what I like  xx


For specialty bookings you must email to arrange a session before chatting. The more detail  the better, as the value, quality & ambiance is held to its highest standard for you.


Over Nights & Travelling are only for known subs & sluts, whom must inquire for  accepted locations & pricing.


*Online bookings are temporarily unavailable.

Changes Apply Due To Covid-19



Restrictions & Disclaimers



Do Not contact MVS without reading the rules

Do Not send nudes or lewd pictures  & videos


I must know yours & you must know mine.


Same Day  Booking

Brown Play

Blood Play

Sexual Favours Of Any Kind


You must be clean & showered prior to session 

Flakes will be blocked & information shared 

New Pet's must place a small deposit (Based on the reserved session time) through PayPal before a session or no session will take place.

Only E-Transfers above 1000$ will be accepted




If  you do not supply the information requested you will not be acknowledged. 

Contact Mistress Vicious Sixx
Home Base . Vancouver BC

Places Of  Travel . Fly Me To You

Due To Covid-19  Places Of Travel Will Be On Hold

For Any In Person Contact Masks Must Be Worn


. Toronto ON

. Los Angeles CA

. London EN



Other Locations May Be Possible, Ask Pretty

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