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roleplay options

These are specifically designed roleplay scenes that i indulge in with my time, energy, & effort to prepare.

some scenes include other players.
some require 24 - 48hrs to create. These roleplay scenarios can be modified to your liking but nothing will ever be provided on a whim..

All Sessions need Notice so I may provide the love & attention to details uniquely catered to the requested session.


           This is meant for ..

 All Applying Personal slavesspecialty sessions, & or long term requests.


 Personal slaves - who desire to serve a mistress, showing up with wine, flowers, or plants, pleases me so. Along with a conversation on why you would be the right fit, & what drives you to serve.


 Specialty Sessions - Most session details can be created through email exchange however, this is to accommodate those who need to feel comfortable with whom they will be sharing this experience with for the first time.

 Long Term - Requesting long term normally happens after at least one session prior to falling in love. but for those who are eager to delve in, to inquire for chastity key holding or controlling  of finances in which these require constant attention. This is where to start.

 This is strictly to meet & discuss details

this will take place at a cafe, this is not a dinner date or session of any kind.

 P.s. I Love espresso . Strong & dark


160 . 30-45 Minutes



A cashmeet is meant to create an exploited feeling. You meet at a chosen location, & your Tribute is handed over immediately,

& Just Like That, She's gone...

*This is only for known pet's*

If we have never met a deposit is sent prior to initiate this entanglement of excitement

160 . instant


Pre Deposits for new pet's


The deluxe cashmeet -

is my own spin on a different style of cashmeet. A public meeting where you may kiss the boot, hand, or receive a swift kicking (for my CBT lovers)

Shopping can be included

(talking to you foot lovers)
250 . immediate  


Dinner Dates / Public Time -


 This scene can be adjusted to a soft or harsh level. Depending on your desires. 

 This option speaks for itself we arrange a spot for dinner, which can include cocktails if desired. All specifics are created prior to meeting via email, so we can create the image you hold in your mind.

To hold & captivate a goddess in real time how lucky you are pet xx

 Discretion is always applied 

(no one from the outside should feel uncomfortable or unwillingly involved)

Session Time Extensions are available for this service.

This session Starts at.

480 - 2hrs


15% Off All Items

The Therapist

This is the therapi6t - A session focused on seeing deeper into the kinks you have, with 0% judgment. I'll never say I've seen it all but i will say I've seen a lot.

this session may be more difficult than a physical one. I can delve into your psyche & help you face your fears. 


 this package was created after many requests were made about this service, I have an innate ability to see your soul. try me 

Packages - 200 .  90 Min 

300 . 180 Min*

(*can be divided into two sessions)

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